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Dear KNA Members,

The NSW Health Department released the rules for Community sporting activities, including training sessions and competitions.

  • Where the activities involve more than 20 participants, the organiser must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan.
  •  Participants include players, people who are training, officials and spectators.
  •  The maximum number of participants at a community sporting activity must not exceed 500 participants.


We had expected the 500 participant limit would be lifted to a higher number. At a 500 person limit, no parent would be able to accompany their child to a netball game at Canoon Rd on a Saturday unless within 13 limit per team comprising players, one manager one coach, one  umpire maximum criteria per team.


Netball NSW immediately commenced discussions with the NSW Sports Ministers office as well as the Office of Sport to try and get a positive resolution as soon as possible.


We are working closely with Netball NSW as a matter of urgency and we will provide more information at the earliest possible opportunity.


KNA will provide this information via our Facebook page, COVID Website link, in a communication to all Club Presidents, Office bearers  and Secretaries and via our COVID Co-Ordinators to Club COVID Co-Ordinators.


Jo-Anne Perry

KNA President