Night Comp Wet Weather

In the event of wet weather, notification of the cancellation of play will be posted on the Home Page of this website.
The facilities at Canoon Rd and Lofberg Rd are ALL WEATHER and decisions are made in light of the conditions prevailing at the time and the safety of players.
Once a decision has been made for play to commence, games will only be stopped if conditions become dangerous e.g. lightening is about. Otherwise games continue. Rain itself is not a reason for stopping a game once a game has commenced.
In a rain situation the Umpires may offer the teams the chance to stop the game. If both teams agree and half-time has not been reached, the game will be considered an abandoned game (with each team being allocated 1 point). If the game is called off at or after half-time, the scores will stand and the team in front will be declared the winner.
If in the event that one team wishes to continue and one team wishes to stop playing due to the weather conditions, the team that wishes to stop will be declared as forfeiting the game. In this case no score is recorded and two points are awarded to the winning team.
Please make sure you refresh your screens as some computers do not automatically refresh.